Lum Lum is Tien and Patrick's daughter. They came to stay with us for a week and a half. I played with Lum Lum every day. When I came down from the stairs, Lum Lum would call out my name. So Cuteeee!
I regret not taking any pictures of her individually, but I wasn't feeling very well in my first trimester of pregnancy and was feeling nauseous all day long.
Anyways, I am just happy to see her again after two years.



Like this picture? Hehe, I accidentally took it on my iPhone one night. Tim just got home from work, exhausted, trying to rub his tired eyes underneath those glasses of his. I thought the blurs really was the essence of the message that this picture is trying to portray. Yet it was a fluke, and that's what made it special! ^_~



I am feeling much better today. I was getting weary for being sick for so many days and not getting any better, and then right at the 10 day mark I got better drastically. It was time, seriously! It had been raining all week, so I want to dedicate this post to my recovery as well as to sunshine! Thank God for creating the sun so all can enjoy!!!
P.s. my darling is back from his trip, and he promised to never travel without me again. =P