It was Christmas Sunday in Boston. It was snowing. It was the most romantic winter day to have a wedding – at our church. There's not much that needs to be said. The wedding was simple, elegant and heartwarming!



You guessed it! They're twins. They can steal your heart in an instant. Gentle, kind, sweet, well behaved, considerate and smart...there can't be any more prefect girls to be found. As my privilege, these girls are also my piano students, who actually practice, at the age of 5. Wow! Can they be more angelic? Yes! If you get to hear their soft voices, they will melt your heart away completely.



Fall in upon us. The New England leaves are changing colors.
Tim and I went to an apple/pumpkin farm with friends the other day for some apple picking and cider donuts. Yummmmm.
For some other parts of the country, the temperature is still in the 90's. Wow, hang in there. (my fellow Californians!)



On a sunny Saturday morning, we headed to Larz Anderson Park in Brookline for some fun time and family photo shoot. Joshua was turning 2 years old very soon. How exciting right! I love this adorable family.



I had the privilege of documenting my college friend Amy's marriage to her love, Rory. First of all, the drive from LAX to Temecula, CA was AMAZING! I highly recommend taking HWY 74. The view on that highway was absolutely breathtaking. So you can well imagine how beautiful the wedding was. Amy is the cutest girl I've ever met. Everything about her has cuteness written all over it. The wedding that she planned was full of charm and Amy-ness. I just loved it! It was also fun for me to catch up with college friends whom I haven't seen in a long while. From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank Amy for hiring me as her wedding photographer and trusting me to do this important task on her most special day. Happiness forever to her beautiful marriage!
Lastly, enjoy the pictures! ^_~