«Koo + To Family | In-laws Family Session»

I love elderlies. I think they're the cutest people on earth. They're wise, and have already lived most of their lives, so they're more let-go of the unimportant things that still tangle the younger people. This family session is truly a special one. Maybe you cannot tell by just looking at it, but the in-laws are interracial --Korean and Chinese. They're such beautiful people, hands down. Oh, and there's a little baby girl brewing inside mommy's tummy. ^^ 

«Tseng Family | Family Session»

We met at the park two years ago, and we've became good friends ever since. They're wonderful, generous people with sincere hearts. Their daughter is 4 months older than mine, so we often have playdates together, and the moms would always have a great time catching up. I had a great time with them during this photo shoot, maybe next year we'll do it again! 



I was working on another poster awhile ago. Keeping up with two children now and teaching piano at the same time, I don't have as much time to write on my blog. I am still keeping up with creative design and photography though. Happy Easter in a week!