Nana is 83 years old. She lives in Shanghai, China in a village where she grew up and met her husband in. She never had a chance to learn how to read or write, yet she raised 5 children and several grandchildren in Brunei, Hong Kong, Vancouver and Singapore. She cooks the world's most delicious food ever. But most importantly, she is ALWAYS joyful.

She has so many stories to tell, in her wrinkles, which make her most beautiful in her glorious age.



The temperature today is still low. The wind could still cut through into the bones. However, it doesn't matter, because Spring is here!!!

Tim and I took mom around New England.
First stop: Yale University

Second stop: Narragansett Beach, Rhode Island

Final stop before sunset:  Patriot Place, in Foxborough, Massachusetts.

Hurray to weekends!



A beautiful day with mom in Larz Anderson Park, I think black and white suits today perfectly: snow in the morning, followed by sunshine in the afternoon.



Another week has come around, and the rain has also came back. Mom is flying in tomorrow morning! I hope Boston will be nice to her and show some sunshine during her visit. ^^



Finally the rain stopped and the sun came out today. Oh, I can't tell you how good that made me feel this morning! Everybody came out of hibernation.

I had lunch and afternoon tea/coffee with Bess. Isn't she just gorgeous? The sun was hitting from a perfect angle into the coffee shop. I love this picture of her!

This one, I let the light bounced off the lens directly. It created a totally different affect. Oh can I just say again that today was SUCH a gorgeous day?

 After our little cozy tea hour, we went to meet these lovely couples for an afternoon tour around town.

They are too cute! ^^

And a nice day was made even better with ice cream. 

Ben and Brooke on the T.
BTW, T stands for "transit" aka subway in Boston. Today though, I saw this poster on the T, and it had a handwritten sentence on it that says, "T stands for terrible". Yup, very inefficient, accident-frequent,  unreliable, from the 80's (could be 70's) Boston T. Yay.....not.

Haha, but everybody was in a good mood. Why? Oh yah, because, the sun came up! Ok, I think you get my point. ^_~



This rain, not just any other rain, has been pouring for the last 3 days nonstop.
The streets are flooded, Charles River looks just about full. Everything is wet, soaked, drenched.
Hopefully it'll stop soon, so I can take my camera out for a shoot, of spring, in the sun.



You've met them few blog entries ahead. you've seen their smiles. You could tell that they're a loving couple just by looking at them. And you're right!

What you can't tell from the pictures is the hardship they endured as a couple for over 30 years. Maybe the wrinkles at the end of their smiley eyes could tell you some stories. That's what marriage is about...you go through life together no matter how tough it may be at times. It's not always going to be the lovey-dovey butterfly-in-the-stomach feeling that Hollywood movies portray, but it's the bond of commitment to love one another in sickness and in health, for richer or poor... These are not just cliche words that you hear at a wedding; it is the way marriage ought to be.

I love my parents-in-law. They are just precious human beings who love their children and love life.



Tim gave me these for my birthday. They're still alive and well after a week. He said he wanted to get me something more special than roses, and he wanted them to last long. I say, they are just gorgeous, and yes, they last a very long time –– like our love.


So I am uploading more photos of Richard and Angie. They're just so incredibly beautiful, inside and outside. Tim and I got to spend a weekend with them at their beautiful home in Buena Park, California. Oh, I thought I was living in heaven already. ^_~

Richard, peacefully reading his Bible early in the morning, every morning.

Angie's gaze on Richard was so sweet. It brought me to tears thinking about how much love they shared with one another.

Angie asked me to take a picture of Richard in his favorite chair. She said Richard often would host Bible studies and he would share with the group words of encouragement and about the Scripture...just like that.

Angie by the window on that bright and gorgeous sunny day in Southern California. Isn't she just stunning?

At night, we went out for Chinese food together. Richard wanted to take a picture of Tim and I while I was trying to capture his photo-taking moment. They're so cute. ^^



This past Saturday, four of us, as a double date, went to the White Mountains in New Hampshire. After the Hong Kong trip, getting out in the wild was exactly what we needed. No buildings, no walls, no neon lights, no advertisements and billboards, just simply nature itself: the sun, the snow, the mountains, the water, the trees, the birds, the rocks. Oh so so different.

Ben is a wildlife biologist, and Brooke is a classical violist. They're so much fun to hang out with. Look at Brooke dipping her entire face into the snow and creating an imprint. The snowman smiley-face on a fork is an art work fashioned by my handsome hubby's creative hands. ^^

We passed by a brook on one of our hikes. Look at how clear that water is. I wanted to touch it and play with the pebbles, but I refrained from doing so thinking that I might contaminate it in some way like how we human beings are destroying this planet we call home. Soon, there won't be anything like the White Mountains for us to enjoy. Everything will be exploited and ruined. It's true. I am usually very optimistic about life in general, but when it comes to this issue, call me a pessimist, but I think sooner or later, we're going to run out of natural resources, and the world might end sooner than we think by chemicals that we created, which will ultimately end up killing us. Have you seen the documentaries that are nominated for the Oscars this year? You really should. After that you can disagree with me if you want to.

So enjoy it while we can, for we don't know if our descendants will get to see it or not. I want to keep these pictures to show my grandchildren what nature is like. Who knows what kind of world they'll be living in when they come around...

Finally, a picture of the love birds. ^^



My father-in-law and mother-in-law at their home in Kawloon, HK during Chinese new year. I made the red Chinese window cutouts for them to enhance the festival atmosphere. Aren't they so cute? They're great parents! Just see who they've raised? Dang~!!! ^^