After my recital, there was a small reception. Friends who came gave me flowers. We all ate and drank, and celebrated the finishing of my event.




My very last recital at Boston University. It was the most successful performance I have ever played. I am so happy with the result, but at the same time, I feel sad because I don't know when I'll get to do something like this ever again. I am graduating soon. In a way, I feel excited, but I also feel uncertain. I will definitely miss being a student. I'll miss my teachers. I'll miss school in general. Practicing for this recital was a long and painful process, but in the end, all the hard work seemed worth the while.
This is the pair of shoes I wore for my recital. They were easy to walk in and easy to push pedals with. Love them love them!



I love B&W photos lately and therefore took some shots of Tim in that setting. Isn't he the cutest?

He is recently addicted to this baseball game on iPhone. After work, he is usually on it for a few hours.


My Recital Poster

This is a cup that Tim got for me from Barns and Noble because it has a picture of Mozart on it. (This picture shows only the back side of the cup).
I took this photo randomly one day, but it turned out that it was perfect for my recital poster.
Yes, for those of you who don't know, I am a piano performance major, and this is my last concert at Boston University before I graduate from my Masters of Music degree in May. To me, this is very important right now, so I might stop blogging for a couple of days.




I love looking out the windows of my house. It's not that Tim and I lived in any fancy house with an ocean view or anything, but it's just a simple rental townhouse that we settled in when we first got to Boston and we've lived here ever since. I've always complained about the lighting of the house because a massive wall, which is the back of a shopping plaza, blocks the light from coming into our living room and bedroom. We've tried to move to a different place many times, but ultimately we realized that there's always going to be pros and cons no matter where we go, and also, we became attached to this place.
After my heart settled down, I began to see the beautiful views that were unnoticed, the views of hope, tranquility and gratitude in the simplest things in everyday life.



Tim gave me these gorgeous pink roses for Valentines day last year. I made dry flowers out of them and put them on the wall in the living room. This year, he got me red roses, but I was too lazy to preserve them. Sorry honey. ^_~



I got this cellphone sleeve during Christmas as a gift. I think it's adorable, and not just that, you see those little heart shapes all over the sleeve? They serve as super good grips when you're trying to handle your phone. Beauty|Practicality it's got both!



I still can't get enough of that church I saw the other day, so I am posting another photo of it =P. I just love the way it looks.



My two year wedding anniversary is near, I am having nostalgic moments of my wedding day. It all happened so very fast like a blink of an eye. Time passes by so fast. Youth will never return...

This beautiful hairpin was what I wore along with the Chinese Qui-Pao (traditional red dress for brides). I found it in Valley Fair in Cupertino with one of my bridesmaids.

The pearls I wore during the entrance to the reception in my white bridal dress. I got those with Tim when we were engaged. Good times =)



Tim and I went to Cambridge last night. We have Korean BBQ with friends to celebrate my belated birthday. I took pictures of this lovely church situated between Broadway and Prospect. I wish it was a fairytale castle where some breathtakingly beautiful princess lived in.

Beautiful sky at the tail of sunset