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A gorgeous autumn day like today was a perfect day for outdoor portraits, and that's exactly what Jess and I did. We went to Larz Anderson Park in Brookline and spent a morning there enjoying the fresh autumn scenery at different parts of the park while having a relaxing time experimenting with different styles and poses. The outcome was a success. I'm really satisfied with the result! A productive and satisfying day indeed for me as I got to practice my photo taking skills once again.


Rebekah Alexander is having yet another recital, this time the songs she's presenting are featuring only French composers with the collaboration of Molly Wood on piano as well as her own brother Joel Alexander on percussion. It's going to be a very exciting and satisfying recital I'm sure. So if you're in town, please come participate in this unique opportunity for a taste of Paris.

We were working on the promo materials earlier this month, and this is what we came up with as the final product!

11X17 poster

4X6 postcards




50 year anniversary in the Chinese tradition is called the "Golden Marriage". I have the privilege of going to Toronto, Canada for such a dinner event which celebrates it.
Friends and family of this senior couple came from all around the world for this joyous occasion. I am very glad to be a part of it too and also to be able to witness their 50 years of love for each other that is still going strong. Cheers to this wonderful, God-fearing "young" couple. May their love last another 50 years!!!



It was Easter Sunday, it was the day when Natalene from Highrock Brookline got baptized. This was not just the safe, warm, indoor type of baptism, this was the hard-cord, outdoor, NT-style baptism. It was at Walden Pond in Concord, Massachusetts. The weather was warm that day, around high 50's to low 60's, but the water was undoubtedly cold still from the whole winter of iciness. This "chilling" experience must be one to remember not just by Natalene, but by our pastor, Dan. ^^
We were there to witness this joyful moment. Her testimony brought many to tears.

We're so happy for you Natalene!

If you haven't heard, I recently became a mommy! My daughter Sophie, two months old, was the youngest witness of that baptism, even though she slept through the whole thing. ;)



The time has come for another benefit concert by Rebekah Alexander. The last one she did was a year ago titled Variation on a Woman's Life, for cancer research. This time, she's on a mission to raise money for the orphans in Kathmandu, Nepal through an organization called Hope for Nepal.

Last week, I had the privilege of being asked to design the advertisement materials for her again.
And I am happy to announce that the final products have been born.

Here is the poster:

Here are variations for the postcard designs. I personally like the first and forth version, but Becki preferred the third one. So third one it is going to be sent for printing!

The back side of the postcard: