I took these pictures during sunset. Although there are not pictures of the actually sunset, but you can tell by the temperature of the photos that it was during that time of the day. I love sunset because of the richness of the glorious golden color tones. It almost makes me more nostalgic than other times of the day.



My two year anniversary with my dear hubby is less than a week away. To celebrate this special occasion, I am posting some never-before-seen pictures from the wedding besides my own family. The pictures came to us raw from the photographer, so I edited them myself. But in order to not claim credit for these photos I chose not to put my watermark on them.
More pictures to come, so please drop by and check on me.




My cousin Lois was my model for the weekend. We had a fabulous time going around town taking pictures.
We went to Wagamama for lunch with my uncle and auntie. They're so much fun and the food was yummy! This is a UK-Japanese fusion cuisine. Only in Boston and Cambridge will you find this restaurant. *nod nod*

And then there's Linus! Joyce brought him over for BBQ. He was so cute and gentle. Tim really liked playing with him. I think he might want a dog in the future too. =P Maybe after his retirement!



Today was my last studio class before graduating from BU. We took a group picture as a memory, a good memory. I am really going to miss my life as a full time student.
My wonderful teacher, Professor di Bonaventura! Thank you for everything you've taught me!



Continuing from my Boston Marathon I, and II, this is my final post on this event.
Again, all these pictures are in chronological order, and there are of course 1000 times more runners than what I had taken photos of. These runners were the first ones in their events to arrive though, so good job to all of them.

Love these enthusiastic children. They're so supportive and encouraging!

I love this lady's style, very unique isn't it?

This guy, Deriba Merga, won the men's first.

This is a very touching scene! One guy competes in his artificial legs, and his two guides/buddies are with him the whole way cheering him on.