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At the retreat (see entry below), we met some amazing couples who honor God in their marriage. Some of them have been married for 40+ years, and they are still very much in love with each other. Tim and I learned a lot from them. Life is not always going to pretty, but having someone to face life together is such a blessing.

Doug and Christine, our wonderful small group leaders

Our topic was "Speaking Truth in Love". At the end of the retreat, each couple made a montage choosing a scripture from Proverbs relating to the topic and with artworks that described how this weekend had spoken to us in special ways.

Luc was few of the babies there at the retreat. He was especially sunny and friendly.

Look at his gorgeous blue eyes. They can melt hearts.

Kris and Laura. Pastor Perkins is the organizer of this retreat.

Ben and Sarah, one of the nicest couples we met.



Tim and I spent a weekend in Rockport, MA. A retreat we took, away from the city.
We stayed in Emerson Inn by the Sea and got a window view looking right out to the ocean. It was amazing!!!

We strode round the Inn early in the morning, and the scenery was absolutely beautiful.

Tim and I sat on those rocks right outside of the inn so many times during the day and just listened to the waves crashing against the rocks. It was the best remedy for stress.

Emerson Inn by the Sea front view

We walked to a fishing pier just to peek around.

On our way back to the inn, we picked which million dollar houses we would like to have in the future. I picked this one. =)

After our afternoon nap, we decided to check out Halibut Point State Park inside Rockport
Beautiful quarry

My dear husband who tirelessly carried my purse when I took pictures with my free hands.

"Look over there!"

Someone's artwork. ^_~

We drove to downtown Rockport when the sun was setting.

On Sunday before we took off, I sneaked a few more shots of the gorgeous inn.



I've known Wei since the first day of graduate school. I was getting my master degree and she was getting her doctorate. She is fun, energetic, fashionable and optimistic. Recently, she had asked me to make her recital posters this semester. I couldn't be more delighted to have this assignment.

Version 1: Formal
(Photo provided by Wei)

Version 2: She wanted something cute
(Image taken from Charuka©)