Thanksgiving with friends was so much fun.

Playing with dominoes

Yummy food

Best tasting turkey ever made by Brooke and Ben

Wonderful company

It was a wonderful night. We ate so much, and we laughed so much too.
Now for the following days I need to go on diet. =P


«ARNOLD ARBORETUM in a 50mm lens»

The photos from the previous entry were taken by a 24-70/2.8, but these three are from Tim's 50/1.8. He is quite talented even though he won't admit it.
He's trying to get me a 50/1.2 =P I want one so bad, but right now our pockets are tight. Or else I would also want a wide angle lens. Now I am just getting greedy. *0*



Today is a glorious day in Boston. The temperature is just perfect and the sky is clear. Tim and I decided to go visit the Harvard University's Arnold Arboretum before the winter arrives. It's already too late to catch the fall beauty since the golden leaves have pretty much all fallen to the ground, and the branches look naked. However this post-autumn, pre-winter look has its own charm to it. Well, see it for yourself!

There are several entrances into the Arboretum, and this is from one of them.

The place has all the tress labeled with their names and categories.

We chose to walk on a narrow path off the main road

The radiant sun was so gorgeous, I wish everyday were like today

This tree is so interesting in the way it's peeling off, I just had to take a picture of the phenomenon

Love the red

and the white, like feathers

and lavender, so many colors

and the beautifully clear sky

These leaves are so vibrant that I thought they were fake

Christmas is almost here, don't you want to put ornaments on this tree?

More shots of this glorious day

I personally love this one

The last few leaves left on the brances

and the last bits of flowers

These ones look like star fish crawled up on the trees, or not...

We found an earthworm struggling on the cement, it was trying to tangle itself up for some strange reason

These leaves, according to Tim, felt like paper ^0^

Do you see a bird nest up on the tree?

Walking back to the entrance

Outside the Arboretum in the streets of Jamaica Plain, don't they have the cutest houses?



My lovely cousin! Hehe, when she talks to me it's always full of drama. Haha, I love to hear her talk.
Sometimes when I look at this picture I really have to lol. =DDDD



Since I've been doing color theme collages I decided to do pink today.
Pink reminds me of my California trip this past summer. I played with my niece Tabitha a lot when I was there, and she had a lot of pink outfits on. Hehe



Today is a chilly day. I woke up at 6:30 feeling a bit of sore throat. I quickly drank two big mugs of green tea and had Japanese hot cakes for breakfast. My mood of the day is orange, maybe because deep down I want to enjoy autumn longer, I am not ready for the New England white winter yet. Sadly, the golden leaves are all falling, and the tree branches are looking barren.

Thanksgiving is coming up soon. Since it's a season to give thanks (not complaining, like what I was just doing) to our Lord, I would like to thank Him for wonderful parents, parents-in-law, terrific husband, lovely friends and relatives, my cozy home, and my adorable piano students.

Orange is a good color. It is glorious, it is thankful, it is warm and cozy, and it brings to my eyes comfort and tranquility.



Today is windy and cold. The day is getting dark too. I am having a stomach ache...
So to express my current mood, I decided to take pictures of a few things around my house and put them together in a collage.

This week is going by so slowwwwllllllyyyyyyyyy and I am feeling blue



I have had the privilege to study piano at the Boston University College of Fine Arts under Professor Anthony di Bonaventura. He was not only a teacher of piano, but a teacher of life.
Few days ago, he turned 80 years old. His children organized a special brunch for him. Tim and I had the honor to get invited to this intimate event.
The brunch was held at the Country Club in Chestnut Hill. The place was absolutely beautiful. The people there were lovely, and the food was excellent.
Seeing my teacher there made me wonder if I'd be able to touch so many lives in a life time like the way he did? He is an extraordinary human being, and an inspiration to all of us.

My teacher's best friend who went to Curtis at the same time when they were 19 and 17.

Professor Linda Jiorle-Nagy, a colleague of my teacher at BU.

Josh is a current student of Prof. di Bonaventura