West vs. East. Especially during Chinese new year.
From Vancouver to Hong Kong, this is the difference. I've not spent Chinese new year in China since 1995. Wow, that was a long long time. So as soon as we landed in Hong Kong, my eyes brightened. All this RED, everywhere; I mean, EVERYWHERE. Chinese folk songs were playing in supermarkets, malls, restaurants, subway stations at all times. I haven't felt this "Chinese" for a really long while. It was very fun, to say the least. I LOVED it!

In this Westernized globalization phenomena of the post-modern world, to see this pronounced Eastern cultural celebration is really something special. I was glad to be part of this whole atmosphere.



Charlie is from Boston. When Al and Katy, our good friends, left Boston, they brought him along as a memory of the time they spent in the city that embraces Charles River, thus the name Charlie. Now he lives in his new home in Pasadena. Tim and I went to visit them, and Charlie watched Super Bowl with us. CUTE CUTE CUTE! ^^

Look at him smile, or yawn...?!?!?! I couldn't tell. ^^



Aimei and I met in Taiwan after 2 years of not being able to see each other since her wedding. She lives in Japan now, and I am all the way on the other side of the globe. But somehow when we met again, it was as if we were living right next town to one another all this time. We talked about anything and everything.
She brought her little one with her – Aina. Aina is such a good baby, so gentle, so very well behaved. She's a dream child.

She ate everything her mom gave her, and she patiently waited for her food after she was done chewing. So cuteeeeee!

Yes, I did try to kiss Aina on the cheek, but her reaction told it all of how she felt about that idea. ^^


The world moves on even if you don't. Sometimes it's painful to realize, but it is also comforting, because at least there's a force that pulls us forward.



This picture makes me smile.
These two adorable girls are two of my very good college friends. The last time we hung out together at the same spot in LA was 4 years ago. I miss them soooo much. >_<


I want to remember, but mostly, I want to go back...to that time that I once had.



I had a restful Sunday afternoon at home after church where Tim took a nap on the couch and I doodled stuff on the sketch pad. I decided to draw Heather and Josh, the couple whom I shot an engagement session with couple weeks ago. I used a regular black ball point pen for this sketch, and it turned out quite the result that I was looking for–––kind of realistic, but kind of cartoon-like at the same time.