«L & L | Wedding Session»

L & L came to the US together as young adults. They fought for the American dream together. They lived in several different States until they found their way to Northern California. They worked in different restaurants as chef and waitress. Nothing came easy for them. When they got married years ago, they had no honeymoon, or wedding. Life got better as they worked hard each year. This year, they finally saved up enough money and went on their dream honeymoon to Hawaii. They also came to ask me to take their wedding photos. What a privilege and honor it was for me to be their wedding photographer. The weather was gorgeous, almost as always, in California. We picked Santa Clara University to be the location, and the choice was superb, for what they wanted-- simply elegant and very Californian.


«Baby Grace Turned 100 Days Old»

It's hard to believe how fast children grow. Being a mother of two myself, I often need to take a break from the busyness and to just marvel at the two little creatures running around before my eyes. Otherwise I might forget the moment while they're still so tiny, so innocent, and so full of pure joy.
I got called back to photograph baby Grace. Only two entries ago, I posted about her 1 month session. She has grown a lot in these two months, and showed lots of developmental milestones. Her parents, her big sister and grandma are all so proud to be a part of her life. I feel so lucky to witness this loving family grow.