A shadow is an area where direct light from a light source cannot reach due to obstruction by an object. It occupies all of the space behind an opaque object with light in front of it. The cross section of a shadow is a two-dimensional silhouette, or reverse projection of the object blocking the light.

Just want to share with you what I learned about the definition of shadow today from Wikipedia.

Happy Sunday!



The reflecting pool was frozen, the air was crisp, the monument stood solemn.
Washington monument in late December night to me is the most beautiful.



I love this engagement session with these two love birds. They were such a joy to work with. These pictures are taken around North End in Boston on a gorgeous winter day.

She is a soprano vocalist, he is a writer. The first time I saw them together was when she sang in a BU concert dressed as a princess, and he flew to Boston to see her performance. He held her and gave her a gentle kiss as she walked out from backstage after the performance. She is his princess from that day forward.

It's been a year since that concert. They're going to be married in May!!!

May God watch over this beautiful couple and bless their marriage ahead.



Simona is a classical violinist. She had no idea who the Colts were. She never watch any football, and she'd care less about any sports. She just saw Tim having the Colts jersey and the helmet on night while having dinner at our house, so she decided to pose in them for me. Haha, she's too funny. I love this picture though. She seems very serious and intelligent, nothing like the real cheerleaders. Haha, no offense.



Carissa was my college roommate. She came to visit me from Los Angeles. Tim and I threw her a mini party with lobsters for dinner. We also took her around town in the 15F degree weather that weekend. What an adventure! I would have taken more pictures, but my fingers would have been frozen and they would probably snap off if I leave them out in the cold without the protection of my mittens.
So this is all I got right now. I am in hibernation. ^_~