It was Easter Sunday, it was the day when Natalene from Highrock Brookline got baptized. This was not just the safe, warm, indoor type of baptism, this was the hard-cord, outdoor, NT-style baptism. It was at Walden Pond in Concord, Massachusetts. The weather was warm that day, around high 50's to low 60's, but the water was undoubtedly cold still from the whole winter of iciness. This "chilling" experience must be one to remember not just by Natalene, but by our pastor, Dan. ^^
We were there to witness this joyful moment. Her testimony brought many to tears.

We're so happy for you Natalene!

If you haven't heard, I recently became a mommy! My daughter Sophie, two months old, was the youngest witness of that baptism, even though she slept through the whole thing. ;)